Understanding and Supporting

Your Students’ Sensory Processing Needs

Help your students increase their ability to understand and regulate emotions?  How do their individual  “sensory profiles” affect their reactions, ability to How can you relate to others, focus, attend, control their impulses, regulate their actions and succeed academically? What activities and communication strategies help children understand themselves in ways that support healthy relationships, high self-esteem, empathy towards others, improved focus, attention and increased self-control?

Child Development Specialists and Educators Fiona Zecca and Cassie Britton have worked extensively as consultants and in-service trainers to support teachers to better understand and support children with Sensory Processing, Attention, Regulation and Social Challenges.

NPR, City Visions Radio presents:  

“Sensory Processing Disorder Inches Toward the Mainstream”

Airs live on Monday September 16, 7:00 PM, KALW 91.7 FM San Francisco

(San Francisco)--September 16, 2013.  Do you know a child who is upset by loud noises and crowds?  Or one who is especially impulsive, not in control of his body and emotions?   Or still another one who seems to be in a fog, always a step behind?  These children are different from their peers in that their varied symptoms seem to get in the way of the basic work of childhood - to learn and to play.  

These children might be diagnosed with Sensory Defensiveness, a neurological “glitch” that impairs their ability to process sensory input.  What is Sensory Defensiveness and why is it controversial?   How is Sensory Defensiveness different from other Sensory Processing Disorders?  What are the unorthodox treatments that some claim can make a big difference in the lives of these children?

Join host David Onek and guests to examine Sensory Defensiveness and UCSF's new use of brain imaging to help understand it:

Cassie Britton,  Cassie is the Child Development Specialist and Program Director at The Little School, where she has also served as a Head Teacher.  Additionally, she runs Sensory Social Playgroups, as well as provides consulting and in-home support services.  She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Child Development and Family Studies.

Julia Wilbarger, Ph.D., OTR/L.  Julia is currently an associate professor of Occupational Therapy at Dominican University in San Rafael.  Julia’s mother Patricia developed one of the most widely used treatments for Sensory Defensiveness, the Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol.  Together they run the Avanti Workshops on Sensory Defensiveness and developed an overnight camp for children with Sensory Processing Disorder called Camp Avanti.

Patti Oetter, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA.  Patti is an occupational therapist and private consultant on sensory issues based in San Ramon.  Known for her innovative treatments for Sensory Defensiveness, Patti has co-authored books and articles and clinical training related to the treatment of Sensory Processing Disorder, most notably M.O.R.E., Integrating the Mouth With Sensory and Postural Functions and Out of the Mouths of Babes.  Additionally, Patti worked with A. Jean Ayres to develop coursework on sensory processing issues.

“Sensory Processing Disorder Inches Toward the Mainstream" will air live Monday September 16, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. on City Visions Radio, KALW 91.7 FM

You can find a copy of this show on the NPR podcast site or by going to www.kalw.org.

Introduction to Understanding and Supporting
Sensory Processing Needs in the Classroom

Cassie Britton, Co-founder of Sensory Social Playgroups, Child Development Specialist at The Little School, and Fiona Zecca, M.A., Co-founder of Sensory Social Playgroups
This workshop will offer a brief overview of Sensory Integration Theory, delving into the importance of tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive processing as it relates to a child’s motor, speech and language, cognitive and social/emotional development. You will also be provided some concrete strategies aimed at supporting a range of sensory needs in the classroom. Elementary School.

Cassie Britton and Fiona Zecca, Co-founders of Sensory Social Playgroups and Child Development Specialists, will work with us in a three hour workshop – Understanding and Supporting Individual Sensory Profiles to Support Academic and Social Successes.  The workshop will be Friday, April 4th, from 12:10-3:00 PM.  

Cassie Britton is co-founder of Sensory Social Playgroups and Child Development Specialist at the Little School and Fiona Zecca, co-founder of Sensory Social Playgroups.  They will be working with us on understanding sensory profiles.  We’ll discuss specific strategies to help use developmental information to support a child's self-knowledge in order to optimize their ability to be focused, organized, regulated and constructively engaged at school.


Meeting The Needs Of Challenging Children In The Classroom

9am-12pm: Fiona Zecca and Cassie Britton will be Presenting. They are interested in giving us tools and strategies that we can directly apply to our classrooms. Each team must come prepared with information on two children that you are having challenges with in the classroom. They are looking for information about each child such as strengths, interests, specific challenges, during what time of day, what strategies have you already tried, etc.